Water-based Ink Use Attention

Four-color water-based ink use note

1, printing effect control

The general four-color water-based ink has no disadvantages such as light, ash, and low concentration. It can be used in the printing to achieve the advantages of clear text, complete dot, strong color, and clear hierarchy.

2, appropriate shallow version

The four-color water-based ink has the rheological characteristics of Newtonian fluid, which is 15% larger than the solvent-based ink; the four-color aqueous ink has a high solid content, and the thickness of the dried ink film of the same area can be thinner. Compared with ordinary ink, the purpose of ink saving can be achieved.

3. Use defoamer

Since the four-color water-based ink is alkaline, it is easy to generate bubbles during the printing process, which affects the quality of the printed matter, and can be adjusted by adding about 0.1% of an antifoaming agent.

4, drying temperature control

Four-color water-based inks appear in the process of printing, and are equipped with reaction drying. The resolubility of the dried ink film is worse than that of the solvent-based ink. Therefore, air temperature control is very important, and the air temperature has a certain influence on the printing drying speed. The temperature is too low, the surface of the ink is dry, but the inside is not dry, and the color is too sticky when the color is applied; the temperature is too high, the ink dries too fast, and the dry ink can no longer dissolve in water, which is difficult to clean.

5, can not be mixed

Four-color water-based inks cannot be mixed with other solvent-based inks, otherwise it will easily affect the quality of printed products.

6, PH value control

Since the volatilization of the four-color ink in the printing causes the pH to change, the corresponding additive adjustment can be added during the printing process.