Ultra-fine Iron Oxide Yellow

Iron oxide yellow protective cover a variety of colors, yellow iron oxide pigments for a variety of paint coloring and protection of materials, including water-based exterior paints, powder coatings; also apply to oil-based paint also include oxygen, alkyd, amino group a variety of primers and topcoats; can also be used in toys paint, decoration paint, furniture paint, lacquer and enamel electrophoresis after topical application of these articles of iron oxide yellow, the color is not easy to retire, an increase of brilliant color.

In recent years, experts by changing the preparation of iron oxide yellow seed, instead of using part of the conventionally used Na2CO3 NaOH solution was precipitated ferrous sulfate is prepared and seeded passing air oxidation; Zn2 + salt and adding a small amount of a nucleating structure modifiers, to change their nuclei particle morphology, to buy low water, high-density characteristics. Iron oxide yellow evolved into a process for the preparation of buy low, sell heavy water yellow iron oxide pigments.