The Rise Of Environmentally Friendly Anti-corrosion Coatings.

At the same time as the anti-corrosion coatings continue to develop, the market positioning is focused on product refinement. Revenue from professional market coatings has become a must for many industrial coatings. Some professional anti-corrosion coatings are high-grade, such as ship anti-fouling coatings, which require time, technology, capital, inspection, cooperation, management and other high-input support, and accordingly require high returns. Therefore, when positioning, companies need to combine their own characteristics, consider multiple parties, focus on a certain field, and form their own characteristics, and finally adapt to the changing market.

China's anti-corrosion coatings are advancing along the direction of high performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption and low pollution. Zhisheng Weihua has made great efforts to develop water-based anti-corrosion coatings and high-solid anti-corrosion coatings, and is the first to move towards environmental protection. The waterborne ceramic anticorrosive coatings such as ZS-821, ZS-822 and ZS-833 have been produced using non-polluting raw materials. The various coating materials that have been banned have been eliminated, and replaced with more environmentally friendly raw materials. To achieve the goal of energy saving, environmental protection and environmental protection. Through the research on the unidirectional water permeability of ceramic materials and the impact creep resistance of flexible ceramics, the waterproof and moisture resistance of ceramic anticorrosive coatings, mechanical shock resistance and thermal vibration resistance have been successfully achieved, and the high temperature resistance of ceramic materials is also achieved. High hardness, high wear resistance, long life and high inertness in acid and alkali and solvent.

According to the market research center, it is believed that in the next few years, ship anti-corrosion, oil platform, container anti-corrosion, chemical anti-corrosion coatings, railways, highway bridges, and steel structure anti-corrosion are still hot spots in the market. Zhisheng Weihua anti-corrosion coatings are constantly strengthening their professional level. Providing quality products and perfect services to make greater efforts and contributions to China's anti-corrosion market.

The manufacturers of anti-corrosion coatings only adhere to the guiding ideology of cleaner production, minimize the pollution sources and maximize the boring recycling; and strictly implement the national environmental protection and occupational safety and health policies and regulations, in accordance with the eye of environmental assessment, do Only when the waste liquid is recycled and used, can the company have a foothold, and the company has room for development, and the product has room for survival.