REACH Registration

Compliance Statement of REACH Regulation


European Union has passed REACH Regulation- Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals on December 1, 2006, which aims at the administration of the production, use and import of chemicals.


As a Non-EU manufacturer, we have opened the Europe company: Brilliant Chem Europe GmbH as the sales company in Europe on behalf of our company according to Article 8, REACH Regulation, which is responsible for the REACH registration and other correlative regulation compliance work for the chemicals we manufacture and export to EU market.


Now, we have submitted the data and will finished the registration work of 13 substances in Sept. 2018, and the other substances are also covered in pre-registration. We will inform our customers in time about the progress of the subsequent registration work to ensure the trade in sequence and customers interests.


Our company is committed to good communication and cooperation with our customers, as well as product quality improvement which complies with relevant laws and regulations. Hereby, we announce that our products are compliant with the REACH Regulation. As the REACH Regulation still needs to be improved constantly, we will continue to pay attention to the progress actively to ensure the advantages of sustainable development, and work closely with our customers to complete the necessary compliance work.