Plastic Toner: Chinese Painting And Watercolor Paint What Is The Difference

1, different materials:

Traditional Chinese painting is rice paper substrate (meristematic declared, cooked declared) or silk, silk; traditional watercolor substrate is relatively watercolor paper, relatively thick, and a variety of surface textures, can be painted in watercolor glossy paper card .

2, different style and modeling language:

Traditional Chinese painting plastic Toner modeling language is sketched dyed, painting lines are separate components, not to light as a means of modeling the performance of the volume, the color is not very complicated, but it is usually full of symbolism. West watercolor painting of a system of categories, is to follow the shape of the light, but also pay attention to the color realism, early watercolor to show the inherent color tone and brightness based, modern and contemporary watercolor to show the light color and ambient color, color-based atmosphere, and painting or essentially different.