Iron Oxide Red Colorant Imparting Plastic Packagi

We are constantly using plastic bags, supermarket, shopping, packing, loading garbage and so on, very practical, it is indispensable to human life, brightly colored plastic is impact people's vision. In order to make the rich colors of plastic packaging products, plastic packaging production to be used in the coloring agent.

The main points colorant pigments and dyes two kinds. Pigment is a very fine particulate colored pigment, water-insoluble resin and a coloring agent, so you want to get a good color performance, the need to use mechanical means pigment is uniformly dispersed in a resin or oil, you can get the required color of plastic products . According to the structure can be divided into organic and inorganic pigments. Inorganic pigments (eg iron oxide pigment) thermal stability, excellent light stability, low price, but the relatively poor color strength, relative density; high organic pigment tinting strength, bright color, chromatography complete, relative density, the drawback is the heat resistance, weather resistance and hiding power as good as inorganic pigments. Dyes are soluble in water and most solvents and organic compounds are dyed plastic. It enables dyed goods both inside and outside coloration. Advantages of low density, high tinting strength, good transparency, but its generally small molecular structure, migration prone coloring.