How Wide Is The Application Of Iron Oxide Pigments?

Iron oxide pigments are relatively resistant to light, and can resist some alkaline substances, such as this lime, etc., so it is very suitable for engineering, and of course not only with this, as its composition changes, the scope of application It is also constantly expanding.

Iron oxide pigment application range:

1. Inorganic pigment manufacturers are suitable for various paint coloring and maintenance materials. They can also be applied to oil paints including various primers and top coats such as epoxy, alkyd and amino. Iron red pigment is suitable for the coloring of plastic products, such as thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics, and the coloring of rubber products, such as automobile inner tubes, aircraft inner tubes, bicycle inner tubes and the like.

2, iron oxide red is used in construction, rubber, plastics, coatings and other industries, especially iron red primer has anti-rust function, can replace high-priced red dan paint, saving non-ferrous metals. It is also a high-grade fine grinding material used for polishing fine metal instruments and optical glass. High purity is the primary base for powder metallurgy and is used to train a variety of magnetic alloys and other high-grade alloy steels.

3, used for painting, rubber, plastic, construction, etc., in addition to iron oxide pigments can also be used for the coloring of various types of cosmetics, paper, leather. When used in rubber, in addition to coloring and reinforcing and anti-aging effects, there is also the characteristic that the protective organic matter is degraded by ultraviolet light. In addition, iron red pigments can be used in plastic coloring, chemical fiber, and leather industries, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry and other applications such as cosmetics and painting.