Classification Of Paints Pigments

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As we all know, in paints  pigments, pigments belong to the secondary film-forming substances, which are the components of the film. So in paint coatings, what are the classification of pigments? Zhengzhou Qiangbang Coatings Co., Ltd. A kind of

1. From the use of pigments, it can be divided into three types: physical pigments, coloring pigments and anti-rust pigments. (1) Constitutional pigments: mainly used to increase the thickness of the coating, improve wear resistance and mechanical strength. (2)Colouring Pigment: It has good covering property and can improve the sun resistance, durability and climate change resistance of the coating. Some pigments can improve the wear resistance of coatings. The most important thing is that coloring pigments can give coatings a variety of colors. Chinese style

(3) Anti-rust Pigment: This kind of pigment can make the coating have good anti-rust ability and prolong its life. It is the main material of rust-proof primer. Chinese style

A kind of

2. From the source of pigments, they can be divided into organic pigments and mineral pigments. Mineral pigments can also be divided into natural pigments and artificial pigments. Chinese style

(1) Mineral pigments: Mineral pigments are metal oxides or complex salts. Its effect on light and atmosphere is relatively stable, and it may form a film to protect metal surface from corrosion. The most valuable mineral pigments are man-made pigments. Pigments with fixed colours and colours can be manufactured as needed. _

(2) Organic pigments: They have abundant colours and bright colours, but are inferior to mineral pigments in many properties. It is still valuable in the use of less stringent finishing materials.

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