What should I pay attention to when choosing a coloring pigment?

Nowadays, this coloring pigment is indispensable for the decoration. The color that it brings is very fascinating. Many users prefer the bright colors when they choose. Actually, some are still harmful. We are doing it. When choosing, you need to follow certain principles.

Coloring pigment selection:

1. Organic Pigment Company introduces information about pigments. Professionals are relatively advanced colorists in the industry or in the factory. In the early stages of development, professionals may be colorists in other industries. Care must be taken when drawing on the experience of other industries. For example, C Red (Rose Red C) is widely used in the plastics industry and was introduced into coatings in the early days.

Information from suppliers (including data and color cards) is also important, but attention should be paid to its accuracy and applicability. The performance parameters and color cards provided by the manufacturer are often based on other media systems. Experiment to verify.

Access to books and journals is the primary method of obtaining comprehensive information about pigments. However, the performance parameters of pigments with the same color index number may vary greatly in different literatures, which may be caused by differences in pigment production process, post-treatment mode, crystal form, particle size, etc.

2. Select the pigment for the sample. It is often not the colorist in the laboratory that is decisive for the choice of pigments, but some others. One of the main tasks of the colorist is to obtain sufficient information (including cost range, fastness requirements, safety requirements, etc.) from sales and management personnel to develop a reasonable color scheme, mainly considering cost, fastness requirements and safety requirements. .

3, organic pigment company introduction Due to the high curing temperature, low pigment concentration and other factors, it is difficult, and not necessarily economic, to use a small number of pigments as the primary color to complete all the color matching tasks. Whether using computer color matching or artificial color matching, you should choose the right amount, price and color to match the color of the pigment to develop the color matching work, forming a relatively stable color matching system, which is beneficial for management.