What is a mineral green paint, how to buy environmentally friendly inorganic coatings

High temperature paint coatings industry, the development trend of environmental protection is indeed zero voc, tasteless healthy paint, green paint but limited technical problems and other factors, the market is almost no real zero voc green paint. To paint, for example, film-forming additives and antifreeze and other additives are the main source of voc paint, and some of the paint by reducing their dosage to reduce voc goal, but the performance will be reduced.

If the blind pursuit of low-environmental indicators, after the coating produced, is likely to occur dusting, blistering, cracking, scrub resistance is low. So basic functions can not be ignored. For how to select green paint, consumers will see environmental performance green paint outside, also should be concerned about the physical properties. Take a look at green paint inspection report, such as contrast ratio, alkali resistance, workability of these basic functions, the consumer is very important. The ratio is a coating hiding power; anti-alkali and alkali resistance refers to the ability to paint, if paint is environmentally friendly alkali resistance is not strong, green paint is easily yellowed over time. Consumers can take what we need according to their actual situation.