Talk about the difference between organic and inorganic pigments of

1. pigments soluble and non-soluble, inorganic and organic difference. Inorganic pigments are generally mineral substances, humans have long known that the use of inorganic pigments, the use of colored soil and minerals, body painting and painting on the wall.

2. Organic pigments are generally derived from plants and marine animals, such as Qian blue, Garcinia and Roman purple extracted from shellfish. Bright organic pigments, colorants and strong; low density, non-toxic. Organic pigments bubble looks relatively loose, and inorganic pigments heavy. Organic pigments are generally relatively high brightness, color intensity is higher than inorganic pigments.

3. Does organic pigments can cause chronic toxicity has raised concerns, in particular carcinogenic, many organic pigments which can not be because they do not dissolve in water metabolism, but can be adsorbed.

4. Organic pigments have been widely used plastic consumer products, toys, food packaging materials, colorants.

5. Therefore, in addition to the poison toxicological and ecological properties of pure pigment and said material is transferred from the properties. Must be considered organic pigments have some trace amounts of impurities in production may affect the use of consumer products in the above areas.