Pigments are divided into several parts? It's structure and what

Carbon black pigment manufacturers come from the chemical composition can be divided into inorganic and organic pigments into two categories, its origin can be divided into natural pigments and synthetic pigments. Natural mineral pigments sources, such as: cinnabar, red clay, realgar, malachite green and heavy calcium carbonate pigment folk painting, wollastonite, barite powder, talc, mica, kaolin and so on. As biological origin, such as those from animal: Carmines, natural scale powder; from plants are: Garcinia, Alizarin red, indigo and the like. By synthetic pigment synthesis, such as titanium dioxide, zinc white, barium, lead, chrome yellow, iron blue inorganic pigments, and scarlet, even yellow, phthalocyanine blue, quinacridone organic pigments.