Ink pigment color when it needs to pay attention to what issues

(1) when the ink pigment color need careful, usually the first test sample, we shall seek a preliminary number of paint color, then reconstituted according to the results of a large sample Comp. First in small containers in the sub-color and secondary colors are adjusted.

(2) to join the main color (in color with large, small coloring color), then stained dark force (or color) slowly and intermittently added, and stirring constantly, always observe the color change.

(3) "elementary", especially when adding a coloring pigment and strong, avoid excess.

(4) at the time of color, coating and after drying the film there will be slight differences in color. Various paint colors when wet film is generally shallow, when the paint dries, the color deepened. Therefore, if the sample is dry model, you need to wait for the color paint dry before colorimetric comparison; if the sample is wet template, you can sample a drop of paint color, observed two colors are the same.