How to maintain the car surface paint? How much do you understand

High temperature paint coating can not only play a role in the life of the maintenance of the object, but also can play a beautiful role. Cars are composed of steel plate, so the car is certainly closely linked with paint. So how can we maintain the vehicle surface coatings and better maintenance car yet.

Automotive coatings are generally baked paint. Inside the depot, frame, body shell welding is completed (and sometimes manual repair), the next step is the paint. Generally, the bottom surface of the first coating. The light car shell immersed in syrup-like coating tank, remove the dried paint the bottom surface; and then give it away free workshop, using an electrostatic spray coating process on the surface of spray paint. Then drying temperature of 200 degrees. Elegant point, there will be another layer of paint color clarification. Thus, the coating process and it's done.

There are several general surface coating: ordinary paint; metallic paint; pearl paint. Needless to say ordinary paint, resins, pigments and additives. Metallic paint more aluminum; so the future looks bright completion. Pearlescent paint it, join the cloud masterbatch. Mica is a thin piece of something, therefore, reflective directional, there is a colorful effect. If the paint layer metallic paint plus Kiyoiro, car paint looks very bright, very beautiful.