Characteristics and effects on plastic pigments

1. plastic paint is removed from the excess solvent aluminum paste, then add rich additives, squeezed into one O2t5mm sized columnar body made of. Plastic pigment in the aluminum powder (also known as aluminum), was tiny silver-like or scale-like, a thickness of 0.1mm ~ 2mm, a diameter in the range of 10 ~ 240mm. arranged to form a pluralistic in plastic, a good UV reflectivity, thus delaying the aging of UV damage to the plastic products to prevent water gas and ions through to protect the plastic, so the weather is better than traditional general plastic paint aluminum pigment content of aluminum metal strip about 70%, the remaining 30% of wax, and a very small amount of aid solvent.

2. The aluminum pigment in plastics highest temperature resistance up to 300 ℃ (5 minutes) temperatures.

3. After the plastic pigment reaches a certain amount of aluminum, has a good shielding protection, to meet some special purposes (such as the number of household appliances can be reduced by shielding harmful radiation damage on the human body).