Automotive topcoats with high-performance color pigments mixed with how much you know

(1) excellent chemical stability.

Plastic pigments excellent chemical stability means not only the pigment has good resistance to various chemicals fastness, such as resistance to gasoline, resistance to oil, acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance (resistance to bleeding), resistant to salt spray, water , heat resistance, and have a good long-term resistance to sun and rain for outdoor use in all weather conditions, UV-resistant, resistant fastness of sulfur dioxide, which has excellent gloss, color retention, resistance to chalking outdoor durability sex. In addition, taking into account the over-baking test car paint curing time, there should be a higher heat resistance temperature (180 ℃).

(2) superior color performance.

Pigment exhibited a good dispersion state under color, hue and saturation should be able to meet the user's requirements. Generally have a high color strength and gloss coating. But because each manufacturer's production standards are different, we have seen the color of the eyes often there is color, so automotive coatings manufacturers in the choice of pigments usually have different choices. Opaque pigment should have a high hiding power, transparent pigments have good transparency. In addition, the pigment color reproduction is better, that is, different batches of the same brand of paint have allowed a very narrow range of primary color, shade, color strength and other indicators.